King's Forest Grand Opening Raffle Tickets
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King's Forest Grand Opening Raffle Tickets

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To celebrate the Grand Opening of King's Forest Disc Golf Course in Hamilton, Ontario we're holding a MEGA RAFFLE!

Prizes will include, but are not limited to the following:

Grand Prize

• Pound Octothorpe (Big Jerm Tour Edition)

Major Prizes

• Discraft Chainstar Lite Basket

• Discmania Meta Tilt (x2)

• Discmania S-Line CD2 with Avery Jenkins/Simon Lizotte Autograph (The Snows)


• Stacks of Innova Tour Series Discs (Big Jerm, Ricky Wysocki, Etc.)

• GOAT Towels (x3, The Snows)

• "Bogey" the Disc Golf Card Game (x8, George Parnell)

... and MUCH MORE!


All proceeds from raffle are being put directly towards King's Forest course infrastructure costs. We appreciate your support!

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