Votum (Aura)
Votum (Aura)
Votum (Aura)
Votum (Aura)
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Votum (Aura)

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The Votum has arrived! 

Designed to be a stable counterpart to our first fairway driver the Mantra, the Votum  handles power for a straight flight with reliable fade at the end. 

Behind the design:

Meditation is a process to clear ones mind, being present in the moment and finding your center. A lot of those principals we found true with the flight characteristics of Votum.  Find the center of the fairway, be present for every shot and find piece of mind.

Flight numbers

8.5 | 5 | 0 | 2

Discs will differ from those shown in image, some of swirlier than others, some are brighter. Please leave a request in your order notes and we will do our best to field them.

Due to the swirly nature of this run of aura, exact color blends will vary. 

Stamp foils will vary.

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