Ontario Disc Sports Store - Site Launch

And just like that, we're live! Running a pair of Ontario disc golf tours comes with its challenges, one of them being access to credit and self-funding. Both those issues are being addressed with the launch of our new website in an effort to give golfers in Ontario access to our inventory (the lowest prices in Ontario to boot!), all the while adding to our ability building a larger financial foundation to build our sport together. Golfers with credit will be pleased to find out that they can absolutely apply said credit to online purchases made through the shop. Those interested can contact store@ontariodiscsports.ca and will receive their credit voucher coupons shortly thereafter. 

We'll be sure to make social media posts regarding new inventory and re-stocks, as well as to announce competitions and sales. If you can't find something, and would like us to order it in, don't hesitate to give us a shout(at the above email) and we'll gladly work it out. 

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